iLearn Support

Question: When I try to go to the iLearn website, the screen showed page cannot be displayed.
Answer: Make sure you have typed or copied the LMS address correctly ( Occasionally we encounter issues where the user has copied the LMS address to the address bar and has inadvertently copied a blank space or left something off. If the address is correct, and the problem persists, contact the Support Group ( and a reference number will be issued. Someone from technical support will contact you.

Question: I forgot my iLearn password. How can I log in?
Answer: Your password in iLearn is the same with your password in your eCrew2 account. iLearn is supporting the Single Sign On (SSO) of OSM Maritime Group. It means that all accounts within OSM Community must use a single account and password such as eCrew2, iLearn Account etc. If you cannot recover your password, seek help from your crewing personnel. Remember not to change your email account immediately. Your iLearn account will not recognize your new email address.

Question: I forgot my password, what will I do?
Answer: Change your password in ecrew2 then try to log in again in iLearn. If this will not work, contact

Question: I do not see any courses in my profile, what should I do?
Answer: Ask your crewing personnel about your scheduled training or you can send an email to for an immediate assistance.

Question: When I try to log in, the system says, "You successfully log in but you do not have an account in moodlerooms.” What should I do?
Answer: This is a known error. You cannot log in to because you are not yet enrolled to any e-learning modules. Your account will only be created once you are enrolled to any of the courses with e-learning modules available in iLearn. Contact your crewing personnel.

Question: I would like to update some information in my iLearn account but I cannot edit my information. What should I do?
Answer: Updating of user’s information is currently disabled. You can update your information by sending the details to

Question: Can I access iLearn using my tablet or mobile device?
Answer: Yes. You can access iLearn with your tablet or mobile device. You have to download the Moodle Mobile App available in App Store and Google Play Store or access through mobile internet browser.

Question: Can I take my module without internet connection?
Answer: Yes. You can download your courses using the Moodle Mobile Application. If you do not have an internet connection, you can still take the downloaded e-learning modules and data will be automatically synched once internet connection is available.

Question: Can I access any course from anywhere?
Answer: Yes. iLearn is user-friendly. Anyone who knows how to use a computer will be able to use iLearn without any difficulty.

Question: How long does it take to study for a course in iLearn?
Answer: It takes to an average of thirty minutes to one hour to finish a course. iLearn does not set a time limit for a course to be completed. You can log in and log out of the system anytime and will still be able to resume. You just have to make sure that you have finished any pre- requisite modules prior joining the classroom-based discussions.

Question: Is there any type of assessment at the end of the course?
Answer: Yes. there is an assessment at the end of each course. You will be given three attempts to pass. If you fail during the third attempt, contact

Question: I only know basic computer skills. Will I still be able to use iLearn?
Answer: Yes. iLearn is user-friendly. Anyone who knows how to use a computer will be able to use iLearn without any difficulty.

Last modified: Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 10:32 AM