Scope and Purpose

This course is created in compliance with the STCW chapter V Regulation V/1-1 required for ratings assigned with specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo on oil tankers.

  • Table A-II/1 Bridge Resource Management
  • Table A-III/1 Engine Resource Management
  • Table A-II/2 and A-III/2 Use of Leadership and Managerial Skills
  • Table A-II/1, Table A-III/6 Application of Leadership and Teamworking Skills

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

Apply changes in behavior of the officers and crew to better resource management practices during everyday operations and increase safety, efficiency, and job satisfaction onboard

  • State three (3) levels of situational awareness
  • State the “three truths”
  • Explain the need for cultural awareness
  • State principles of good communication
  • Define challenge and response
  • State policies for responding to and learning from errors
  • Define authority and assertiveness
  • State how to delegate correctly
  • Describe five (5) steps of short-term strategy
  • List factors that affect the state of the ship
  • State how to control automation effectively
  • State five (5) management styles
  • State strategies for dealing with emergencies
  • State the factors affecting judgment and decision-making
  • Explain important factors for managing crowd in a crisis
  • Demonstrate through SLE and case analysis all the knowledge, understanding and proficiency acquired during training

    • Work permit, risk assessment and safety checklist
    • Safety aspects of various operations in oil and product tankers
    • Hazards associated in oil and petroleum products
    • Proper use and maintenance of various equipment used in cargo operations
    • Facilitation shall take place through a combination of e-learning, virtual classroom reflective learning, and case analysis.

  • The course is applicable to all Bosun and Pumpman
  • Participants should have taken the BTOC prior attending this webinar.
  • Following should be completed:
    • Tanker Operations I CBT# 0012
    • Oil Tanker Training System Advanced CBT# 0169
    • ILearn
    • e-Learning: 5.0 hour
    • Virtual Classroom: 6.0 hour